Since 2020 presented many challenges, it’s easy to focus only on the hardships. However, this year we encountered more cooperation and generosity, learning to rely on one another more than ever. We’re also grateful to all our clients and partners for their loyalty throughout this tumultuous and uncertain season. 

Giving Back

As an organization we strive to be a positive force in our community, especially during hard times. The MJ Kelly team participated in a variety of charitable activities across the country this year, providing aid and support for those in need. Here are a few highlights:

Together We Rise “No More Trash Bags” Fundraiser Campaign 

Corporately, we raised $2,071 to purchase 65 decorated duffle bags for local foster children so they don’t have to continue using trash bags. Each bag was filled with a blanket, stuffed teddy bear, crayons, hygiene supplies, and other gifts. 

Hurricane Laura Disaster Relief

Hurricane relief was much needed this year. The Shreveport, LA office worked closely with our retail agents to provide supplies and support to areas in desperate need of aid. 

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Toy Drive

No child should go without a gift on Christmas. Our Little Rock office team gathered new toys and funds to donate to the cause. 

Ambassadors for Children

The team at our Springfield office is supporting many local foster children this year. Team members adopted five foster children for Christmas and raised $515 in a raffle for any “last minute” Christmas gifts. The winner of the raffle generously donated the entire amount to Ambassadors for Children in lieu of a 50/50 split. 

Their contributions covered: 

  • $500 for 10-year-old Bella to join the basketball team
  • $85 for 14-year-old Cora to get a color guard rifle and case
  • $75 to purchase a baby monitoring system for the foster parents of Natasha, a 7-year-old with special needs.

These are a few examples of how the MJ Kelly teams go above and beyond to serve their communities. We’re proud to work with people who care deeply about the needs of those around them and work for an organization that supports their efforts to give back! 

Sharing the Latest

If you’re not keeping up with our blog, you’re missing out! This year, we covered diverse and trending topics in insurance, from cyber coverage to liquor liability. We kept you up to date on COVID-19, forecasting its impact on the market as a whole as well as individual industries such as oil and gas

Looking to 2021

As we turn the page on 2020 (with a sigh of relief!), we must look to the challenges and opportunities facing us in 2021. MJ Kelly will continue to keep you up to date on the latest trends in the insurance market, COVID-19, and best practices for agents and their clients. 

Stay caught up on industry updates, trend analysis, and client resources through the MJ Kelly blog. Check out our full library and stay tuned for more great content in the New Year!                                              

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