Imagine your client’s big day has finally arrived. Maybe it’s a 50th anniversary party, parade, fundraiser, sporting event or concert that they’ve been planning for months. Every detail has been considered.

Or has it?

What if the caterer or master of ceremonies doesn’t show up? What if there’s a hurricane or major flooding in the area? Your client may be out thousands of dollars with no recourse … unless they secured special event insurance.

Special event insurance provides financial protection if your client must cancel or postpone a gathering that they have invested a lot of financial resources into.

What does special event insurance cover?

Special event insurance covers cancellations due to adverse weather and natural disasters. It also covers cancellations due to death, illness or serious injury of a key participant in the event.  Most special event policies offer General Liability and Liquor Liability for event types and activities.

Special event coverages include:

  • Damage to rented premises
  • General Liability and/or Liquor Liability
  • Lost deposits
  • Trip cancellations due to uncontrollable circumstances such as natural disasters
  • Wedding specific: wedding attire, jewelry, photographs, gifts, cancellation and rehearsal dinner

Even with the most careful planning, unexpected situations can arise that your clients might not be prepared for. MJ Kelly specializes in special events coverage.  With our online rating tool, you can quote, bind and pay online – and are just a few clicks away from providing your client with a certificate of insurance.  Visit our website today to get started: