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MJ Kelly has a dedicated brokerage division. Our seasoned brokerage underwriters are passionate about finding unique and creative solutions for your larger, more complex insurance risks.

A New Frontier For Oil and Gas

A New Frontier For Oil and Gas

COVID-19 has created difficulties for many industries. Oil and gas are not immune. Facing shutdowns and supply issues, oil and gas companies are experiencing decreased demand, sinking prices, and reduced profits. Some companies have shut down production entirely,...

Ocean Marine: 3 Ways Your Client May Be At Risk

Ocean Marine: 3 Ways Your Client May Be At Risk

There are inherent risks to water-based activity, and we aren't talking about sea monsters. When water is involved, exposure exists, and your clients need to be protected. Here are three areas of potential risk: 1- Exposure accumulation in shipping. Cargo policies...

The Benefits of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs

The Benefits of Owner Controlled Insurance Programs

Owner Controlled Insurance Programs or OCIPs (often referred to as “Wrap-Ups”) are insurance policies taken out by a property owner where construction is taking place. OCIP plans provide blanket coverage for the contractors and subcontractors working on the project to...

Technology & Construction: Trends for 2020

Technology & Construction: Trends for 2020

The construction industry is growing steadily, and construction contractors predict continued growth in all 13 of the major construction project categories, according to The Associated General Contractors of America. Fueling this ongoing sector expansion is...

Contractor Pollution Liability

Contractor Pollution Liability

According to a recent article in InsuranceJournal.com, Monsanto has more than RoundUp claims on its plate. Monsanto is now the target of lawsuits “trying to clean up toxic PCBs”, (polychlorinated biphenyls), a widely used fire-resistant chemical compound that the U.S....


Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Wraps
  • OCIPs
  • Builders Risk
  • Industrial and Energy Facilities
  • Residential Apartment and Condo Projects
  • Office Buildings


Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Manufacturers / Distributors of Commercial, Consumer & Industrial Goods 
  • Equipment 
  • Consumer Goods
  • Furniture
  • Sporting Goods
  • Cannabis Products
  • Appliances / Electronics
  • Automotive

Ocean Marine

Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Boat Dealers Inventory
  • Charterers Legal Liability
  • Hull Builders Risk
  • Marine GL for Ship Repairers, Terminal Operators, Marina Operators, Wharfingers, Stevedores
  • Ocean Cargo

Oil & Gas / Energy

Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Oil & Gas Well Site Prep
  • Oilfield Servicing Contractors
  • Oilfield Equipment Rental / Sales / Repair
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction
  • Oilfield Equipment Manufacturers 
  • Refinery Operations and Contractors
  • Wind / Solar Operations and Contractors

Umbrellas and Excess

Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • True Umbrella Liability or Straight Excess GL, AL, Pollution
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Habitational
  • Hospitality

Product Recall / Discontinued Products

Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Food and Beverage
  • Toys
  • Electronics

Contractors Pollution Liability

Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Fire / Water Restoration
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Industrial Maintenance / Cleaning
  • Street & Road Maintenance
  • Tank & Pipe Cleaning

Energy / Environmental

Brokerage Areas of Expertise
  • Energy and Environmental Consulting
  • Alternative Energy & Renewable Resources
  • Oil & Energy Truckers
  • Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Soil Remediation Contractors
  • Mold, Asbestos, Lead Abatement

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