MJ Kelly specializes in garage insurance.  Our team of expert underwriters often get calls asking for a “garagekeepers” quote. However, there is a big difference between Garagekeepers Legal Liability and Garage Liability.  Let’s explore the differences:

Garagekeepers Legal Liability (GKLL) is an optional coverage designed for business owners who offer towing services or operate service stations.  It provides comprehensive and collision coverages for a customer’s vehicle when being kept at a covered location for parking, storing or to perform service (when the customer’s vehicle is in insured’s care, custody and control).  Another type of Garagekeepers coverage is Direct Primary, which would include added covered perils that the insured is not legally liable for, such as weather-related claims.  Garagekeepers Direct Primary (GKDP) coverage is not available on all risks and the premiums will be higher than GKLL.  The insured will also potentially incur a higher loss ratio if his policy responds to claims outside of his control with GKDP coverage.

Garage Liability is often what agents need quoted, and it is not the same thing as Garagekeepers Coverage.  Garage Liability includes the premises, operations, and auto liability coverages. Garage Liability quotes are based on the following: owners, number of employees and contract laborers that work at the shop/dealership, contract drivers, and any additional individuals that drive on dealer tags regularly. Please provide your underwriter with names, dates of birth, job titles, and if the employees work full time or part-time. We also need to know if anyone is given an auto or allowed to drive on a dealer tag for personal use.  Some repair shops use NON-dealer tags to transport their customers’ autos, so please let the underwriter know if the shop has any non-dealer or transporter plates. MJ Kelly is seeing huge success insuring all types of repair operations: private passenger autos, trucks, tractors, motor homes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis and ATVs, and classic autos.  We also have several competitive markets for used auto dealers.  We offer practical solutions for your unique needs.